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Technology is a word that describes something
that doesn't work yet
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Product discovery

We'll work closely with you to gain a deep insight into your business so we can choose the most effective technologies or platforms to facilitate the success of your business goals or provide the best solution to a challenge you're facing.

The discovery phase of our consultancy involves analysis of the users of a system and the required outcomes for your business before we start to strategise and plan the best solution in detail. We'll work with you to understanding your technical requirements, business goals and how we can translate this most effectively into a software solution that serves your business which is key to our success.

Once we have sufficient insight into your requirements and goals we'll develop and formalise this into high level technical specifications.

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Support & maintenance

We often work with our clients to support, maintain and optimize systems implemented by other developers to improve their functionality. Things like poor code can result in slow or inconsistent performance and our expert team can analyse any existing software you currently have that you'd like to improve or change, for instance, where there has been increased demand leading to poor performance. This allows us to propose solutions to rectify an issue within a system or where you'd like new functionality rather than starting a project from scratch often offering better value for money and a quicker turnaround time.

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Agile consulting

Our agile consultancy service is designed to help your business break down often large, daunting, projects into smaller sub-projects and their component pieces into achievable, measurable components. Once we've established the components of a project it allows us to strategist how to deliver the most effective process of assessment and improvement for you.

We can help ensure your teams maximise their performance and outcomes by establishing frameworks based on best practice and implement the right software to ensure you continue to continually improve and streamline your work.

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What our clients say

DevStack have worked professionally on all of the projects that they have been commissioned to complete. They are always responsive to any questions or queries and provide a hands-on approach that larger web development agencies would struggle to match. The end solutions which they have delivered have allowed my organisation to reach the next level in terms of online marketing and online sales capabilities.
Ben Piper
Ecommerce Manager
Virtual College
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