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Real-time data

Our systems create real time data to help inform your business decisions in real time and we can automate the transfer of data to boost efficiency and remove any element of human error from your datasets. You can rely on 100% accurate data, delivered immediately to maximise the ability for your business to both respond to and maximise opportunities in real time. In comparison to running weekly or monthly reports real time data can provide key data to give you a competitive advantage throughout every second of every day.

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Single sign on

We are experienced in providing efficient solutions using Single Sign On (SSO) technology to ensure a seamless experience between multiple platforms, usually requiring multiple login credentials. Our SSO implementation has the advantages of improving your user experience by offering one login to access all of the systems relevant to your business, making an often arduous process much quicker, more efficient and less frustrating.

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Single source of truth

A single source of truth can help ensure that different areas of your business all have the same data available throughout the business. Silo working between different teams can often create discrepancies on data or project process which a single source of truth solution can resolve.

Compartmentalised data silos create local data, a single source of truth can enable decisions to be made by having an accurate 'bigger picture' from across an entire organisation. Having an accurate view on every single element of your business, from marketing to production and logistics to web traffic in one place, in realtime, gives you the ability to make informed decisions, more quickly and accurately than ever before and inform both the present and future strategies you employ.

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