The Power of Collaborative Supplier Engagement

23rd February 2023 - Jamie Mallon

Case Study
The Power of Collaborative Supplier Engagement

Our client provides innovative software solutions to help businesses create transparent and responsible supply chains. With the need for more information about suppliers growing every day, our client developed a platform to digitize manual processes, deliver transparency and monitor performance. When our client wanted to expand their existing application and enter the pharmaceutical sector, they partnered with DevStack to speed up the development of a new system. It was of the utmost importance to our client that the project is built using their internal development team; however, they needed additional software development expertise and personnel. By joining daily stand-ups and forming an extension of their team, DevStack helped our client build out the necessary features needed.

For the project, DevStack leveraged the power of .NET Core, Microsoft Azure and React to enable our client to enter the pharmaceutical sector.

  • .NET Core
  • Microsoft Azure
  • React

The result of this collaboration is a user-friendly, intuitive and secure supply chain management platform specific to the pharmaceutical industry. With DevStack’s help, our client was able to bring clarity and actionable insight to buyers and suppliers to support informed decision-making and drive continuous improvement. The software platform features included supply chain mapping, supplier audits and assessments, and document management/workflow. In summary, our client was able to enter the pharmaceutical sector quickly by rapidly expanding their team without needing a time-consuming recruitment process and skill development.

The project is a testament to the power of collaborative supplier engagement in software development. With the right technology, efficient processes and an agile approach - businesses are now able to build better solutions that meet the demands of their customers. By forming a partnership with suppliers like DevStack who understand their needs, companies can accelerate growth while reducing recruitment costs and skill development timeframes. With this project as a blueprint for success, other companies may be able to achieve similar results in their industries.

If you’re looking for a software development partner to help you quickly and effectively enter new markets, then we may be able to help. Our collaborative approach to supplier engagement enables us to rapidly expand your team while reducing recruitment costs and skill development timeframes. As this case study proves, businesses can successfully enter new markets quickly and cost-effectively by partnering with DevStack. Contact us today to learn more about the power of collaborative supplier engagement in software development.


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