What makes us different from other software companies

2nd November 2020 - Tom Miller

Blog Post
What makes us different from other software companies

Our Values

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, well informed service to our clients while ensuring all our colleagues at DevStack work with integrity to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. This has been firmly embedded into our culture from the very outset of the company.


  • Our clients trust is paramount to us, we know this is earned not assumed and work accordingly.
  • We view our clients as partners, we're here to help optimize your business and work tirelessly to ensure your success.


  • We work with a methodology to provide our clients complete transparency about the services we provide and pride ourselves on delivering what we say we will, to deadline and within budget; so you needn't worry about any nasty surprises.


  • We only ever make promises we can keep. Our reliability helps us develop great relationships with our clients. In short, if there are any delays or problems delivering what we have promised we will always notify you at the earliest possible opportunity and never brush anything under the carpet.


  • Our approach is based on honesty and part of that is acknowledging that while we deliver 99+% of our work accurately and on schedule we can sometimes make errors. To ensure valuable long term relationships, both for our clients, and our business, in the unlikely event we do get something wrong we'll take responsibility and work with you to resolve them quickly, efficiently and with utmost integrity.

Customer Service

  • We know that great customer service and a friendly, personable, approachable differentiates us from many other organizations in our field; we always strive for and deliver excellent service.
  • Our clients have direct access to project managers and developers when you need them. We aim to respond to our clients swiftly, usually within an hour or two.
  • Where a project or even a query is urgent, we will always work flexibly to ensure we accommodate our clients' needs.

Flexible Methodology

  • We work flexibly to ensure we meet the needs of your business or project and we're happy to adapt the way we work to suit you and avoid any rigid working methodologies that could slow down or hamper a project.
  • Whilst Scrum Agile methodologies can work for larger projects it can be inflexible when delivering sprints, the elements of a project you often need most quickly.
  • For support and maintenance projects we work using the Kanban methodology. In short this allows our client to prioritise key pieces of work to ensure you have full control over what gets done and when while eliminating bottlenecks.

Value for money

  • The current climate heavily favours technological investment, meaning its often important for businesses to invest in technology to optimize, boost profits and ultimately continue to generate revenue. While investing in new technology may seem daunting, we work with you to ensure anything we work on offers great value for money.
  • We understand whatever the details of a project, our clients ultimate aim is to improve your business. Whether it's achieved through offering additional services or streamlining your business to improve processes and ultimately achieving your goals.


The core beliefs and foundation of DevStack are based around ensuring we deliver great value for money services that truly benefit our clients business, processes and ultimately drive efficiencies and profitability. We'd love to work with you, so get in touch today and let's talk about what we can help you achieve.


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