5 ways to increase website conversion rates with search optimisation tools

2nd July 2020 - Tom Miller

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5 ways to increase website conversion rates with search optimisation tools

Using Google has become part of day to day life for many of us

We often do this many times a day without giving it a second thought. It's become part of the way many of us automatically look for information, a product or location. By implementing a comprehensive site search on your website you can provide your visitors with the same familiar user experience they have when using Google and can streamline your sales process by enabling potential customers to find the product or service they are interested in accurately and efficiently.

Fast, precise, and successful searches improve your customers' overall experience and perception of your organisation; so how can you use search optimisation tools to your advantage?

Understanding your visitors

Understanding the specific words or phrases people use to find your website content or product range is key to optimising your conversion rates from a simple web search to sales, subscriptions and fulfilling your other digital business goals. Leveraging search synonyms allows us to match the language your website visitors use with the content most relevant to them. For example if a visitor was searching your website for 'sparkling water' we would show them results for 'mineral water', 'fizzy water' or vice versa rather than potentially losing their custom by showing no results. We are passionate about working alongside our clients to gain deep insight into their business', allowing us to fine tune the specific words or phrases potential customers use can provide you with a competitive advantage. Ensuring your website visitors can find the most relevant content ultimately leads to a much improved user experience and can drive more revenue.

Prioritised search results

Our search implementations enable you to reorder search results on your website for a particular keyword or phrase and gives you complete control to override the default relevancy algorithms used to display and order web pages or products. In real terms, this means that you can push or promote a particular webpage, product or something you have excess stock of ahead of other pages. This can then be tailored and amended as necessary to maximise your business potential and revenue by guiding your website visitors through your ideal conversion funnel.

Prioritised search results

Website search analytics

Access to your website search analytics and a deep understanding of how your website visitors behave is key to maximising the potential of your website. We can help you gain deeper understanding and insight into user behaviours, along with highlighting the most frequent or popular search queries. This facilitates your ability to optimise and improve conversion rates and boost revenue by implementing smarter campaigns that target the right people, with the right products.

Zero result queries tell you what search keywords or phrases are being searched for on your website but aren't bringing back any results. This data is incredibly valuable as it allows you to look at how people search and add key words/synonyms to your dictionary to suggest alternative products and drive web visitors through to the content or product they want rather than them leaving your site having not found the information or product they were looking for.

Customisable ranking model

There are times it's beneficial for most businesses to have the option to increase the search ranking of particular content or products based on different attributes rather than simply matching on a particular keyword or phrase. For example you might want to promote products you have excess stock of or those with high profit margins. The options are limitless. Incorporating these sales attributes into your search ranking model effectively optimizes your user experience and can help drive conversions that are key to both growth and profitability.

Personalised experience

Once we know what a particular website visitor is interested in we can use this knowledge to our advantage by personalising the content they see. It's effectively like being able to read the mind of your customer and using this insight and knowledge to efficiently tailor each potential customer's user experience. For example, highlighting particular products or promotions on the website that are directly related to the search term or phrase they used or their previous behaviour on your website. If a visitor only browsed, but didn't make a purchase on their last visit to your website, a personalised approach can help prompt them to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or get more information in future.

All of this valuable information would be stored alongside a record of the web visitor and can feed into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and used subsequently to intelligently target them with specific products or services you know they have shown interest in.

The options available and level of detail are almost limitless for how we can leverage search technologies to improve user experience on your website while ensuring your business is leveraging data to operate as effectively and intelligently as possible online. A comprehensive and robust search solution is invaluable and imperative to a successful website, offers valuable insight into your customers behaviours and interests, improves user experience and ultimately can drive efficiency and revenue for your business.


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