Website conversions boosted by 25% for online training provider

15th October 2019 - Tom Miller

Case Study
Website conversions boosted by 25% for online training provider


Virtual College


Virtual College approached us for a proposal to optimize, improve and consolidate their existing ecommerce websites. We worked with Virtual College to find the best solution to overcome issues with their existing platforms and delivered an ambitious project to consolidate fragmented web platforms into a single solution using Sitecore Experience Platform integrated with uCommerce.

Our solution meant a seamless customer journey, through one site rather than multiple different websites on different platforms while providing vastly improved e-commerce functionality. Our platform facilitated a more efficient process, both immediately and moving forward. What we delivered reduced the time, labor and associated cost of managing and maintaining multiple websites while maximising the opportunities for SEO and ensuring truly responsive design to benefit users on mobile platforms.

Project goals

  • Increase in sales, conversion rates and basket size
  • Increase lead generation
  • Improve brand appearance and presence.
  • Reduce duplication of effort (marketing and technical)
  • Improved ecommerce presence
  • Increased representation of authority through content

Results delivered

  • Increased website conversions by 25%
  • Increased average order value by 50%
  • Increase in traffic year on year


DevStack have worked professionally on all of the projects that they have been commissioned to complete. They are always responsive to any questions or queries and provide a hands-on approach that larger web development agencies would struggle to match. The end solutions which they have delivered have allowed my organisation to reach the next level in terms of online marketing and online sales capabilities.


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